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Our Services

Our office offers various types of dental treatments that best fits our patients.  Our patients are given options to choose from after the initial checkup appointments.  They are also given the opportunity to review the radiographs along with photos so they can understand the dental care needed.  This teamwork ensures the best possible outcome for any treatment rendered.  


Insurance plans cover for at least one cleaning and exam a year. Some even pay for two exams and two cleanings a year. It is important to get your teeth checked and cleaned regularly to prevent cavities and gum diseases. Even though there may be no cavities, gum diseases can lead to early loss of teeth due to lack of bone attachments. Get you teeth checked and cleaned on a regular basis.

Teeth Whitening

We can make you custom whitening trays and provide you with whitening gels so you can whiten your teeth at the comfort of your own home.  


Implants are the most innovative way to replace missing teeth. It is easier to maintain than traditional bridges.


We do white fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures to restore teeth cavities and replace missing teeth.


We also do porcelain facings (Veneers) to cover up stains that will not whiten with any whitening gels.

Simple Root Canal Therapy

There may be pain or infection when bacteria invades the nerve. Root canal therapy removes the infected nerves along with its blood supplies within the canals of the roots. The tooth will no longer have blood supply and nerve stimulation. After root canal therapy, the tooth will need crown coverage to ensure that the tooth does not crack.

Night Guards, Clear Retainers, and Sports Guards

Our practice offers an assortment of mouthpieces used to protect teeth during sleep and when engaging in sport activities. We also fabricate clear retainers to maintain the alignment of teeth after braces. All made right in our office!

What Our Clients Say

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